Membership Benefits

The National Council of Negro Women, Inc. is open to all women and men who share a commitment to empowering women of African descent, their families and communities..

NCNW’s unique “organization of organizations” structure assures our ability to collectively use our strength to generate power and the potential to improve our own quality of life, help African American communities flourish and aid our sisters in Africa.

NCNW represents over 25,000 members and contributors, and a connection to nearly 3 million women through our affiliate organizations at the national, state and local levels; speaking out on issues of concern to our members including education, health, entrepreneurship and value. We call it Four for the Future.

Benefits of membership include our SISTERS Newsletter, members-only area of the website, and networking with like-minded persons in more than 200 community-based sections in 32 states. Life and Legacy Life membership entitles you to invitations to exclusive events. However, the greatest benefit of membership is knowing that you belong to an organization that is advocating on behalf of African American women, their families and communities.

Dr. Height once said, empowerment is the most important gift we give ourselves. When we hear, but do not absorb the negatives, we are reminded of our strengths. Change comes not at the direction of a nation, but at the insistence of its people. The unity of membership drives that power.

Join with us and give us your strength, your courage, and your determination to help African American women achieve our full and impressive potential.

If you have been looking for a place to explore opportunities, a place where you can realize your potential with the help of a positive, supportive network of sisters, NCNW is the organization for you. It is our turn to define how our nation values and respects African American women and the contributions we make to our families, our communities, and our society.

Through national programs and through the work of over 240 sections and 37 national affiliate organizations, NCNW helps women of African descent enhance their health, knowledge, and personal satisfaction and work to improve their communities.

NCNW is only as strong as our members. We need your support.

Your membership helps NCNW:

  • Promote and recognize leadership among women of color.
  • Champion women’s rights and civil rights.
  • Reduce health disparities among African Americans.
  • Increase the educational attainment of African Americans.
  • Work toward the economic empowerment of all African American women.
  • Celebrate and strengthen the African American family.
  • Reach out to women in need in Africa and around the world.

Give a gift membership:

Give the gift of membership to a friend, colleague or family member today.

Through the gift of membership, you will be helping a woman enhance her health, knowledge, and personal satisfaction and work to improve her community.

Give a woman a place to explore opportunities, a place to realize her potential and a positive, supportive network of sisters.

Support our sisterhood and African Americans as a whole – join us today!